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Introducing the best tattoo removal method on the market - Tattoo Vanish® Method.

Are you looking to say goodbye to an old tattoo that you no longer want? Whatever your reason for wanting to part with your ink, it’s important to choose the right method. Whether you choose laser tattoo removal, Wrecking Balm, a tattoo removal cream or another method, it’s going to cost time and money, so you want it to work. Unfortunately though, not all tattoo removal methods are made equal. And the fact of the matter is that, with many of them, you just won’t get the results you want or expect.

There’s one tattoo removal method, however, that rises above the rest — the Tattoo Vanish Method. This one-of-a-kind removal process is unlike any other process available today.

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Removes permanent makeup too!

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It’s all natural.

All other tattoo removal methods utilize toxins, acids, lasers or other harmful chemicals. Tattoo Vanish is all natural; in fact, it’s the only all natural method available today. This tattoo removal method without laser helps to significantly lower the risks associated with it.

It gets the job done in fewer treatments.

Laser tattoo removal, which is considered by many to best the most effective tattoo removal method today, has many downsides. One of the biggest downsides to laser tattoo removal is how many sessions it takes to see results. Some patients pay and go through 10 sessions, only to end up with a tattoo that is faded but not completely removed. Tattoo Vanish can get the job done in fewer sessions than laser tattoo removal — 50 to 75 percent fewer sessions in fact!


It’s more affordable.

While, yes, you can probably go online and buy a tattoo removal cream that is cheaper than the Tattoo Vanish Method, but these creams don’t really work, at least not well. When it comes to effective methods of tattoo removal, the only real competition for Tattoo Vanish is laser tattoo removal, and that can be quite costly. Tattoo Vanish certainly isn’t cheap, but it’s more affordable than laser tattoo removal. Plus, when you consider the fact that it works in fewer sessions, it’s easy to see how it could help you save more money.

It works on all ink colors.

One of the biggest pros to choosing Tattoo Vanish, a tattoo removal method without laser over laser tattoo removal is that it actually has what it takes to remove all ink colors. You see, laser tattoo removal works by sending certain types of light beams into the ink, where it gets absorbs and breaks up the ink. Different colors of ink absorb different light beams, and this method works much more effectively on some colors than others. For example, laser tattoo removal doesn’t work on white ink because white reflects light instead of absorbing it. Laser tattoo removal actually tends to turn white tattoos black, which makes them even more permanent. Tattoo Vanish, on the other hand, works on all ink colors because it’s a completely different method that does not rely on light absorption. Also, some colors have white inside of the colors themselves, such as a light blue, and laser removal is the worst choice for removal of these kinds of colors.



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For the best results, choose the Tattoo Vanish® Method.

There are many reasons why you may want to get rid of an old tattoo. Maybe you’re joining the military, and your tattoo doesn’t fit their requirements. Maybe you tattooed your ex’s name on your arm, and then things went sour. Or, perhaps the tattoo simply didn’t turn out how you wanted it to because you entrusted it to the wrong artist. Whatever the reason, when you’re ready to say goodbye to an old tattoo, you want the best results. And, no other tattoo removal method can match the results you’ll get with Tattoo Vanish.

What makes Tattoo Vanish your number one choice?

From laser tattoo removal to Wrecking Balm, when it comes to tattoo removal, there is no shortage of methods out there that you could utilize. However, it’s important to consider the fact that not every method will get you the same kind of results that you’ll get with Tattoo Vanish. In addition to the next-level results, this method is also an all-natural option that is much more affordable than laser tattoo removal. Every company that offers some form or another of tattoo removal will tell you that their method is best, but with Tattoo Vanish, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the gallery below to see the amazing results for yourself.

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